Is it Worth Upgrading to Bluehost VPS from Shared Hosting?

Many of you will be thinking to upgrade from Shared Hosting to Bluehost VPS after having a decent traffic on your blog. But you might be feeling confused, considering you don’t that, whether it is really a good step or not.

So, that’s why I am writing this post, to clear a doubt in your mind, whether it is worth upgrading to Bluehost VPS from Shared Hosting.

Now, first of all, which Hosting you are using? Shared hosting from other company? Or from Bluehost?

Well, it doesn’t matter, if you are having a decent traffic and you have the money to spend, then you should upgrade to VPS (Virtual private Servers) as it has many benefits, which shared hosting can’t give.

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Upgrade from Bluehost Shared Hosting to Bluehost VPS

Now, moving back to the VPS up gradation.

As I said, you should upgrade to VPS, but why? Let’s discuss it in the next paragraph.

Benefits of Bluehost VPS over Shared Hosting

#1 Dedicated IP & Resources

The first benefit you will get, when you upgrade to VPS is, you will get a separate section of Resources, including RAM, Disk Space and other hardware & Software. You will also get a dedicated IP, which means you will be working on your on resources, you will not be sharing them with anyone, which was the case with shared hosting, where a few users were sharing same resources and IP and it can be dangerous, if someone is hosting a bad website or blog with spam content, then penalty on his blog can cost you as well, because of the fact, you are sharing the Same IP. I am not always this will happen for sure, but you might lose ranking, because Google check Ip of each website closely.

So, it’s always the best option to go VPS, which will remove these threats of being penalized for no reason.

#2 Speed & Reliability

The Next thing you will be getting on virtual private servers is the speed, they are more reliable and provides a very fast loading speed, considering a section of resources are allotted to you, which means only your websites will be hosted on those resources, which means the speed will always go up and you will feel more reliable than the shared hosting.

#3 Better Security

It is very obvious that, you security will be high, when compared to shared servers, where someone else mistake can cost all websites hosted on the same sever, but here, it is you who will be controlling everything, only your mistake of using vulnerable files will cost you, otherwise you are in pretty safe hands.

#4 Control

As I said, in the previous point, you will be having a better control over your hosting, it is you who will taking decision and only your mistakes will cost, if you are doing well with your website, then you will surely see a rise in ranking considering no other bad website is hosted on your VPS.

So, that’s it. Now, I think, it is clear to you that, it is totally worth upgrading to Bluehost VPS from your Shared Hosting Plan. So, do it now.

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