WPEngine Coupon Code – Get Maximum Discount

Hey Readers, welcome on this Hosting Promo Coupon Codes Blog. Today I am giving away some latest WPEngine Coupon Codes, because I know you are a big fan of this company and that’s why I am providing you these Coupons. Below are some promo codes and links of coupons activations.

Click Here to Activate 40% Coupon Code

How to avail 40% WP Engine Discount?

Step 1:- Activate 40% promo Coupon by clicking at the above given link or by clicking here (Discount activation link).


Step 2:- Now, select your plan and go to Cart.

Step 3:- There you will have the option to add WP Engine coupon. Just add “ARTOFBLOG” as given in the screenshot and you will get your discount without any worry.

Using Wpengine Coupon
Using Wpengine Coupon

So, that’s it. You have successful bought Quality hosting from WP Engine.

Now, if you are looking for more discounts, then you can check this post:-Click Here for More WP Engine Coupon (Here you will get all the latest promo codes, which are updated Monthly). So, each Month you will be getting newer discount code.

Why WPEngine is one of the best?

As you all know, WP Engine is  considered as one of the best, specially for WordPress hosting. These days majority of you are opting for WP as it is the best platform for any kind of website. So, that’s why WPEngine is best option for you, no matter, you are looking for VPS or dedicated type of hosting as their plans meet the requirements of almost every customer.

Now, the question is, What makes them the best in this business?

Well, there are some features which are really amazing. Some of them are listed below and explained briefly. So that you can get this point clear in your mind.

100% Up Time

They provide 100 percent up-time guarantee and they really mean it. You will never ever face down time on WP Engine hosted blog. And moreover you’ll receive a credit of fifty of your monthly bill for each downtime hour you will experience as a client. This means they are really confident about their services, which means you are in safe hands.

Fast Loading Servers

With the reliability of staying Up-time all the time, they are also giving you benefit of fast loading serves. So, with Google giving benefit to fast loading websites, you can really rock in SERP with WP Engine Hosted websites. As you all know, A millisecond can cost you many visitors as lower ranking means lower CTR from search as well as increase in bounce rate, but with fast loading site, you can easily throw these points out of the window, without even doing anything extra. Just host site on WPengine fast SSD Servers and with other quality hardware, you juts opted for a premium hosting or I can say, it’s more than, which you will get in any other premium web hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

When you go for other hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, they give you Cpanel where you can manage everything, but majority times, you need to instal WordPress to get started. But with, WP Engine, you are getting managed WP hosting, which means it is compatible with different WordPress releases like PHP five and MySQL five.

Highly Secure Hosting

These days, many blogs are getting hacked, So it’s very important for you to keep your blog secure, but ti is very difficult with all other hosting companies as they can not provide high security with shared hosting packages, so you really are playing it in the hands of hackers. So, to avoid being gettign hacked, you must go for WPEngine as it is the most secure platform I have ever seen in my blogging career. They claim to be hacker-proof and they really mean it. But if accidentally your website gets hacked, then they on their own will recover your blog and will publish all the content including media files which was lost as they have specially trained team for this.

You can check this Video to know more about this company.

Affordable Pricing

Well, last, but not the least, their pricing is pretty good, specially when we take a look at the features. But if you still not sure, then you can use WPEngine Coupon given above in the article and can save Huge money. You can get monthly plan of $29 in just $4, which is a huge saving.

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NOTE:- Bookmark this website for more Coupon Codes as all the WP Engine Coupon Codes are updated Monthly. You can use them anytime to save your pocket Money.


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